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With Moonlit Ghost Hunts YOU are the investigator. You will be given equipment to use, instructions on how it works, and access to the location. This is not a ghost tour or haunted house; you are not a tag along on a ghost hunt. This is your opportunity to have an "experience" of doing something you currently only see on television.

As a team, we have combined many ideas and much equipment to offer you a night you will not long forget!


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Moonlit Ghost Hunts in the news:

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Amira Investigation Flashlight Clip

As promised, here is the video captured of Bob’s flashlight turning off and on in the hallway at the Amira investigation. This was a push button flash light with fresh batteries! The flashlight starts turning off at about 38 seconds … Continue reading

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Amira Dance Productions investigation

We weren’t really sure what to expect here. We’ve heard many claims, we just weren’t too familiar with the location. But, if it’s in Delano it’s ALWAYS good! Another event sold out, in fact we had to squeeze a couple … Continue reading

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Our Equipment

Have you ever wondered exactly what you’ll get to use on a Moonlit Ghost Hunts investigation? Here’s a little list. (And some definitions): 4 different types of MEL meters, Various EMF meters, 2-4 channel DVR systems, Thermal cam, Geophones, Tri-field … Continue reading

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We’re still here!

Since July we’ve been fortunate enough to investigate at 5 different locations so far. At these locations we’ve seen shadows, heard disembodied voices, caught EVP’s and Spirit box responses, as well as all the various personal experiences those with us … Continue reading

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Tips from the field

A couple basics can take you a long way on an investigation. When on an investigation it’s important to stamp your digital recording with your name, time, and location in the facility you’re investigating. This will help you later to … Continue reading

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Paranormal Imagery – ORBS

If you are reading this, more than likely you have seen an alleged paranormal photograph. One has to be very careful when calling an image paranormal. Most of the phenomena in these photos can easily be explained. To debunk a … Continue reading

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Post mortem photography

If pictures are worth 1000 words, are post mortem photography pictures worth more? While this isn’t a story about ghosts or ghost hunting, it’s certainly got me wondering. Would I do something like this? Why do these photos creep me … Continue reading

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A few words from Lori

One of the best parts of paranormal investigating, for me, is doing the research.  I love doing research to find past residences and/or past occurrences at the locations. One example is when I was looking up the history of the … Continue reading

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A word from our friends

Ghosts and Ghost Hunting! We watch all the shows on TV and are BIG fans. Moonlit Ghost Hunts, just what we needed! The GREAT team of Darin, Lori and Jerry have introduced us to their wide range of ghost hunting … Continue reading

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