About Us

Moonlit Ghost Hunts and Moonlitghosthunts.com was founded in the early fall of 2011. Founded by Darin Peterson, Moonlit Ghost Hunts was an idea inspired by an interest in things unexplained, and desire to have a better understanding of the science behind paranormal investigating.

With these ideas Moonlit Ghost Hunts was born. The desire to teach the science of investigating by giving guests access to the most current equipment in the field, taking them to a location known to have paranormal activity, and giving them a chance to have a hands on experience of investigating so that they can be the one to determine if the location is haunted.

You are the investigator. You will be given equipment to use, instructions on how it works, and access to the location. This is not a ghost tour or haunted house; you are not a tag along on a ghost hunt. This is your opportunity to have an "experience" of doing something you currently only see on television.

As a team, they've combined many ideas and much equipment to offer you a night you will not long forget!

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