A word from our friends

Ghosts and Ghost Hunting! We watch all the shows on TV and are BIG fans. Moonlit Ghost Hunts, just what we needed!

The GREAT team of Darin, Lori and Jerry have introduced us to their wide range of ghost hunting equipment, which includes a variety of meters, audio recorders, the spirit box, different kinds of cameras and a thermal cam. The team has taught us how to properly use all of their equipment.

At each location, Moonlit has given us the background story and a brief tour of the facility. Along the way they point out potential hot spots. We then meet back at the command center and break into teams. Then the fun begins! The investigation is broken into 3 sessions, each concluding with the teams meeting back at the command center and sharing their experiences.

We can’t tell you about the excitement we feel each time we take our first steps into a dark hallway. You just have to be there and feel it!There is absolutely nothing like it.

During our investigations with Moonlit we have experienced battery drains and EMF hits. We have captured several EVPs and heard various knocks, bumps and taps. We have even seen the ultimate – an apparition.

Moonlit Ghost Hunts is a professional team that compares to the teams you see on TV. We know if you go to an investigation with them you will have a blast. You aren’t there just to watch – YOU are the investigator.

We can’t wait for the next investigation; we will be there and hope to see you.

-Doug and Cindy Martin ~ Ghost Hunters!

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