A few words from Lori

One of the best parts of paranormal investigating, for me, is doing the research.  I love doing research to find past residences and/or past occurrences at the locations.

One example is when I was looking up the history of the Broadview Hotel in Wichita.  The legend is about a ghost named Clarence, who worked at the hotel, and finding his wife with her lover at the hotel.  He shot and killed both of them then killed himself by jumping off the balcony.

While looking up to see if I could find anything of this story in the newspapers, I did find an accident at the Broadview that killed an employee.  His name was Clyde Usrey.  He was 18 years old and it was his first day at his new job there.  The newspaper articles and pictures can be seen here:


Another surprise to me was that no one I spoke to at the hotel had ever heard this story.  So, as you can see, a lot of times, there is more history at locations than what is remembered.

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