Our Equipment

Have you ever wondered exactly what you’ll get to use on a Moonlit Ghost Hunts investigation? Here’s a little list. (And some definitions):

4 different types of MEL meters, Various EMF meters, 2-4 channel DVR systems, Thermal cam, Geophones, Tri-field meter, Full spectrum CCTV cameras and standard night vision CCTV cameras, Night vision equipped Sony Handycams, Several different colors and types of laser grids, Spirit boxes, Motion detectors, Digital voice recorders- all equipped for “active listening” and micro SD cards, Modified professional grade photography cameras, KII meters, Military grade night vision monocular scope, Dowsing rods, Strobe lights, black lights, and full spectrum lights, Enough video cable to reach the moon, Other various pieces of experimental equipment to test in the field.

  • The MEL meter was created for AC magnetic measurements, and temperature changes.  Other models you will use have the ability to detect vibration, static electricity, and the combination KII MEL meter.
  • The Spirit box is a modified AM/FM radio which scans both frequencies constantly.  The theory is that a ghost or spirit will communicate over the AM/FM radio waves.
  • The geophone is a piece of equipment taken out of earthquake research, it’s very sensitive and used for paranormal research in regards to detecting footsteps, “bumps”, or knocks.
  • The K2 EMF meter is a powerful fast sampling Electromagnetic field (EMF) meter that covers frequencies from 30-20,000 Hz. This makes the K2 EMF meter a great instrument for both Paranormal Research and for finding potentially harmful high EMF levels in your home or work environment. The K2 EMF meter is pocket sized so that you can always be ready to take a reading.
  • This DVR has been modified with a screen built in to the physical unit.  This saves time during equipment setup, and keeps a simple and easy “command base”.
  • Many various infrared night vision CCTV cameras.  Some modified for full-spectrum sensitivity.
  • Digital voice recorders which support “active” listening.  With active listening, you are able to plug a headset into the port and listen “live” to what’s being recorded.  This way, you may possibly hear an EVP right as it’s being spoken.
  • Various lasers.  Different colored beams, with full spread coverage.  Other is “grid” coverage, allowing you to get measurements of the shadow or entity in question.
  • Modified Nikon professional grade camera.  This has been modified to take full-spectrum photos. This is the spectrum of light that our eyes do not recognize.
  • Night vision monocular scope and Sony Handycams allow long range viewing in the dark.
  • Various motion sensors/detectors.  These turn on lights, sound alerts, etc. if anything were to walk in their range

We’re still here!

Since July we’ve been fortunate enough to investigate at 5 different locations so far. At these locations we’ve seen shadows, heard disembodied voices, caught EVP’s and Spirit box responses, as well as all the various personal experiences those with us have been fortunate enough to have.We’ve been working on some great locations, and do wish we were getting faster commitments from the owners. However, we’re close to getting things up and running at a few more and promise to always offer a night you won’t forget.