Amira Dance Productions investigation

We weren’t really sure what to expect here. We’ve heard many claims, we just weren’t too familiar with the location. But, if it’s in Delano it’s ALWAYS good! Another event sold out, in fact we had to squeeze a couple more in. After our first round we gathered and compared notes. Activity already !!!! Round 2 begins.. we divided into 3 seperate groups, and 2 guests of one of the groups heard a voice. One heard it audibly by ear, the other through a digital recorder (active listening). Also, a tug on a shirt? Very cool ! We tried something new in the 3rd round. We projected our laser grid into the large mirrors which doubled the beams. We then added fog to the room. This caused the many hundreds of fine lines from the beams to “glow”. A rock concert at an ivestigation, does it get any better??? We didn’t see any breaking of the beams, but it was fun to try the first time. We wanna thank all of our guests, and give a big thanks to Pat and Terri for opening the location for us. We WILL be back !

6 thoughts on “Amira Dance Productions investigation

  1. We also heard the names: Bob, Jeanette, Alice and Becky.

    The answer “yes” was heard, when asked if they were getting tired.

    Water was heard dripping in the office area where they isn’t any water source.

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